Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Florida Rain - August 2015

According to the Orlando Sentinel nearly 16 inches of rain fell in Orlando during August 2015. 

As we were gearing up for our vacation we were watching the news coming out of Orlando that July had already been a very wet month with lots of flooding in different areas.

Looking back over our 17 days in Orlando, it did rain nearly every day.  Much of the rain was the normal afternoon thunderstorm which dries us quickly.  As we got toward the end of the holiday the weather definitely turned very wet and I had a couple of driving experiences which were scary!

I was definitely not prepared for how quickly and how heavily the rain can fall and cause localised flooding whilst in Orlando. There were a couple of occasions when we decided to stay in the parks for "one last ride" which meant rather than leaving before the rain came we found ourselves leaving during a very heavy storm.

We did get wet, on a couple of days we got vey very wet.  

We did have some quite scary driving experiences and saw at least two accidents caused by people driving too quickly in the rain.

Did it spoil our vacation? No!

We did seem to see quite a few people leave the parks as soon as the first drop of rain fell.  We know that we got it wrong twice and probably should have left, but on most occasions we got it right!